Who We Are


UNLOK CONSULTING (PTY) LTD was officially incorporated in 2021 but the principles behind our business were created in our founder's mind more than two decades ago.

We believe that small business needs inspiration and motivation and that we are uniquely qualified to provide for those needs. We also believe that no good business needs to fail and we see our purpose as helping you to "unlok" your company's "inner greatness", energizing you to sustainably influence your world.


Our mission is simple, yet audacious: "helping UNLOK greatness".  How do we plan to achieve this? By helping you to  "unlok" the potential of your business, with common sense business advice, inspiration, motivation and implementation guidance.


Our clients are all good companies-we help them make the leap to becoming great companies able to create sustainable value in their chosen industries over the long term.


We help your company to make tangible differences in the lives of your stakeholders, whilst advancing principles of good governance and protecting the earth's fragile resources.