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Why a good strategy that cannot be implemented is a bad strategy

Why is it that so many good strategies in professional firms never see the light of day?

Is it perhaps because the people who are actually responsible for executing the strategy are not even aware of what the firm's strategy is?

Or is it perhaps a case that they simply don't have the tools to execute?

In his insightful book, Managing the Professional Services Firm, David Maister explains that:

“The four key objectives are to:

• Raise client satisfaction

• Increase skill building and dissemination of skills

• Improve productivity (not just production)

• Get better business”

[Maister, David H. Managing The Professional Service Firm. Simon & Schuster UK. Kindle Edition.]

Being focused on these objectives as part of the strategy development drive, whilst ignoring "noise" outside of them which tends to distract, is key.

At UNLOK, we deeply engage with both partners and the teams that need to execute the strategy.

We equip the practitioners with powerful tools to set personal professional goals that align with those of the firm, giving your professional service firm the best chance at successfully executing a chosen strategy.

Speak to us at UNLOK Consulting if you have experienced the disappointment of spending time developing what seemed to be a good strategy at first, only to see it die on the vine and not be executed. #strategyexecuted

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