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Have a growth mindset and develop your organisational capabilities...then watch as your firm grows.

“H Nelson Jackson said, “I do not believe that you can do today’s job with yesterday’s methods and be in business tomorrow.”

Growing organisational capabilities should be first and foremost in a leader’s mind.

What are examples of organisational capabilities?

  • Organizational culture.

  • Leadership performance.

  • Strategic unity.

  • Innovation.

  • Agility.

  • Talent.

  • Customer connectivity.

Why are organisational capabilities important?

“Organisational capabilities enable companies to maximize their performance and achieve their goals.

Organization capabilities (OC) are the intangible, strategic assets that an organization draws from to get work done, execute its business strategy, and satisfy its customers.”


In Leading in Tough Times, John Maxwell explains that “People who make growth a goal – instead of a title, position, salary or other external target – always have a future.”

Consider your firm’s goals for 2023.

Is growing our capabilities one of them?

How much have you and your firm grown in capabilities over the past three years?

Now consider how the individuals in your firm (you as the founder included) have embraced growing their skills and capabilities during the same period?

If the mindset of you and your team is not one of growth, it is unlikely that your firm is going to grow in any of these capabilities.

Motivate and encourage your team members to invest in themselves and develop growth mindsets.

An investment in the growing of their skills is one of the best investments you will ever make in your professional services firm.

As they grow their capabilities, they will serve as growth catalysts for their departments/ divisions which, in turn, helps your firm grow.

As the saying goes, “if you’re not growing anywhere you are not going anywhere”.

Contact us at UNLOK Strategy to help us "unlok" your team's growth potential.

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