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Strategy Made Simple...( simple as you serving up this pizza!) Profit From Your Core Business

Have you ever thought about your firm's strategy? Not the tactics you use every day, your strategy.

Consider that whatever pre-pandemic strategy you had is no longer effective. Almost everything has changed.

The concept of strategy from a professional firm perspective sounds complex, right? Well, it needn't be.

I like the way David Maister of Harvard Business School describes it:

"Stripped of its grandiose terminology, strategy development is a straightforward idea:

"...development of a set of actions that will make the firm's services more valuable to clients than competing firms." 1

We usually don't have the energy, mental bandwidth, or skills to develop effective strategies for our firms.

And what about executing those strategies? How does one do that?

After all, if you cannot execute it, even the most fantastic strategy isn't that fantastic after all.

And what is this fuss about redefining our value proposition?

At UNLOK Consulting, we like to think of strategy in simple terms.

Strategy can be as simple as "choosing to say no."

Saying no to instructions outside my focus area, from clients outside my target market, frees up my time to focus.

To focus on generating profit from the 20% of your firm's business segments from which you generate 80% of your revenues.

But it takes skill and guidance to know how to identify your core.

Redefining your value proposition is all about answering this question:

"Given my expertise, how is the client better off when I walk away from the case upon completion?"

Let us help you "do strategy" as easily as "building the perfect pizza."

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1. Maister, David: Managing The Professional Service Firm: Kindle Edition

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