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Stop reminding me of my faults!

By Leander J. Opperman, Founder, UNLOK Consulting

We all move towards what we think and are reminded of.

Put differently, our lives are what our thoughts make them.

Inspirational leaders understand this.

Remind someone of their faults, and they are unlikely to forget them.

Are you surprised that people continue moving toward their mistakes?

Do the opposite. Tell the person what the result should look like next time around.

Focus their attention on the desired result.

Remind them that you trust them, and they will move towards that.

Sounds simple right? Well, it can be if the manager's humility exceeds her ego.

And if you have someone joining you on a path of inspirational leadership.

We guide managers to start moving towards a trusting and inspiring leadership model.

One that can reverse the "Great Resign."

This dangerous trend is appearing in professional firms all over the country.

Remember: recruitment costs come off your bottom line. Start saving on those and become a healthy and intelligent organisation.

Source: Lou Tyce, The Pacific Institute: Investment in Excellence

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