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Our lives are what our thoughts make them

By Leander J. Opperman, UNLOK Consulting Founder

Our thoughts (and what we are reminded of daily) determine our actions and outcomes. Industrial age management thinking costs professional firms hundreds of thousands of rands each year. Managers tend not to focus the attention of their team members on the desired outcomes. Instead, they often focus on the person's faults, mistakes, and shortcomings. And what do CEOs do afterwards? They fire the person who made the mistake, keep the manager and perpetuate the problem. I don't blame such managers-I was one of them too and made the same mistakes with my team members. That said, we can't continue doing things backwards. We must understand that our colleagues need our trust and inspiration. Tomorrow I provide some further if you want to move from "command and control" to "trust and inspire" leadership. Sources: Lou Tice, The Pacific Institute and Trust and Inspire, by Stephen M.R Covey

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