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Open up the door for effective strategy development

Working with CEOs of professional service firms who are open-minded enough to appreciate that they don't have all the answers is truly energizing.

Ray Dalio was correct when he said that:

"Realize that you have nothing to fear from knowing the truth....Knowing and acting on the truth is what we call the "big deal" at Bridgewater. It's important not to get hung up on all those emotion-and ego-laden "little deals" that can distract you from the overall mission" (from Principles, page 325-6)

Being afraid of hearing that your firm's strategy needs to change and is no longer appropriate, given the changing environment in which you practice, is one example of such a "little deal".

Being afraid to share corporate entrepreneurship ideas being explored, with others, outside of the firm, to get their (valuable) feedback, is another example.

MIT Sloan recently published an insightful article on the topic-see the following excerpt:

"Involving people from outside the C-suite — and outside your company — in strategy-making not only provides a wellspring of fresh ideas but also mobilizes and galvanizes everyone involved. Thus, execution becomes an integral part of strategy."

The best part: All this can happen without a loss of control over the strategy-making process."

At UNLOK, we believe in the power of different perspectives in unlok-ing greatness in a firm.

Visit us at and see how we can help your professional service firm develop a sustainable and executable business strategy.


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