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Be like Albert!

“The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were when we created them.” Albert Einstein

Let’s consider this quote in the context of strategy implementation.

It is well-known that new strategies often call for new human resource management priorities.

Research demonstrates that companies with enlightened talent–management policies and programs have higher returns on sales, investments, assets, and equity.[1]

In many professional services firms, human resource management is a significant problem. And often, we as leaders created (or at least contributed to) the problem.

We need to start thinking differently about inspiring our team members. And about investing in their development to help them prosper in uncertain times.

How are you thinking about your firm’s skills development spend?

Do you consider it a cost line item or an investment in your firm’s most important stakeholders?

[1] See Wheelen, Thomas L. Concepts in Strategic Management and Business Policy 2017 Edition at p 324 and the reference to the article by S. Caudron, “How HR Drives Profits” (Dec 2001) p 26-31

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