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"UNLOK helped me to understand where I was going with my business. I came out of our sessions brimming with knowledge and energized. Leander was always prepared for our sessions, giving so much clarity and focus to the discussions at hand. I have no doubt that he will take many more companies from good to great."

Aurelia, founder and CEO Life Design Consulting, Cape Town

I'm no physics expert but I believe there's a saying, "in essence everything is energy and cannot be destroyed." Well it took the genius, creativity (and indeed energy) of Leander to identify and reconcile all the activities and energies (positive and negative) within Beckman Marketing - then challenge me to build a clear strategy that harnesses the very best of my vision, resources and talents. We're getting ready to launch the next phase of Beckman Marketing and I can't wait! Leander is a master strategist, business consultant, mentor and ideation specialist and I highly recommend his expertise to any business. Mark, founder and CEO Beckman Marketing, Cape Town

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